Your Dog is a Marketing Genius!

Dr. WafflesSure, you can get an MBA, you can read Seth Godin religiously, you can webinar it up til the cows come home, but have you ever considered studying the marketing genius that lives under your very own roof?

I’m talking about your dog.

If you don’t have one, let me introduce you to one of my dogs, the effulgent Dr. Waffles. While I’m at it, meet his equally persuasive cohort, my African Grey parrot, Butch. In only five short years (or 35 if you’re a dog), Waffles has mastered some of the fundamental laws of sales, marketing and branding. (Butch is 11, but he was born knowing this shiz.)

If you want to know how to persuade people, to build trust and your brand, read my 15 Minutes of Dame column, What Dr. Waffles and Butch Can Teach Us About Marketing and Branding, to learn about the stuff they’ve nailed (and you can, too).


Author: Dixie Laite

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