Weekly Confession:  Why Do I Keep Getting This Stuff?

Hello, my name is Dixie, and I’m a shopaholic. (Hi, Dixie.)  I’m not your credit card debt, hoards bags and bags from TJ Maxx kind of shopper. I’m more in the keep-getting-stuff-I-already-have category. For example, I have a lot of Isabel Marant black t-shirts. Like, over a dozen a lot. But I still do eBay searches for them, and when they’ll fit I hit that seductive ‘Buy It Now’ button.

I’ve evolved into a strictly flats, sneakers and boots kinda woman. Those man repellent high-top kind of moccasins with faux shearling inside? I have maybe six – brown, lack, really black, leopard. I buy them second-hand on eBay — more Marant, a Saint Laurent and any no-name. (I’m only an occasional label whore.) Boots and booties – I have maybe two dozen pairs. Since I mostly wear jeans and vintage t-shirts these days, my boots are the primary way I can change up my mood.   Don’t fuck with me: the black Junya Watanabes with spikes. Feeling happy and perky: the pink metallic ankles boots. Happy, perky AND don’t fuck with me (most days): Any pair will do.

Why do I do it? Not sure. Is it for the little high you get? Maybe. Is it a weird need to stockpile things so you won’t run out? Definitely. (I have more than one pair of my various favorite shoes, you know, in case.) Is it because I think this one – these boots— will be the ones that put me over the edge, sliding me over the line into okay enough, pretty enough, good enough? I suspect it is.

Anyway, I am ashamed. I’m the poster girl for First World over-indulgence, as well as a prime example of female low-esteem-driven consumerism. I am opting to strive for virtue instead of material elixirs, and the first step to fixing a flaw is confronting it. So…since the only thing I’m more addicted to than online shopping is making lists, here’s my partial list of things I get even though I have way too many already. (I bet you have one too.)

Black cotton t-shirts and tank tops

Red lipsticks (especially Linda Rodin red lipsticks)


British fashion magazines

Tuberose candles

Plaid outerwear

Knock-off Miu Miu faux fur and pearl slides

Second-hand jeans that are too big for me

Second-hand jeans that are too small for me

Tortoiseshell sunglasses

Comfortable bras

1950s cowboy shirts

Chrome Hearts pendants


Please let me know your list!

Dixie Laite - Dame Town Writer

Author: Dixie Laite

I'm Dixie Laite -- a writer, speaker, and branding consultant in New York City. For over 40 years I've been a bullshit-slaying, classic movies-obsessing, animal-loving dame. For over 40 years I have been working on figuring out how to be a woman. Some of it I nailed, a lot of it I'm still trying to get a handle on. Let's figure this shit out together!

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  • Oh Dixie, I am the queen of list making yet, I don’t ever do anything on my list. I make list for groceries and I never grocery shop, things I want, things I need, every time I get my haircut or eyebrows tinted it goes on my list. Every time I go to the doctor my weight goes on the list. I have a list on my phone that goes back seven years ago and Chronicles thought if I was to go on a vacation somewhere warm a list of close to bring and somewhere cold a list of clothes and things to bring.