Older Women Can Always Go Dametown

“Aging is not for sissies,” said Bette Davis. She was right. Getting older takes its toll, and that’s why aging also takes courage, humor, strength and smarts. In the last chapters of their stories, women often have more obstacles but fewer role models than men. As we get older, women need to re-negotiate their lives and explore newer ways to navigate the world.  Too-often the world is all-too-eager to overlook and under-estimate older women. Now more than ever we find “it takes balls to be a woman.”

Overlook us? Underestimate us? Uh…we’re not down with that.  Luckily, we dames are trading invisible for invincible.  Dametown aims to offer all kinds of insights and inspiration to help celebrate and support women who are discovering a variety of ways to express themselves, show off their style, make their voices heard, and to start businesses – and some trouble – if that’s what they want to do.

As Ana Gasteyer said, “As you start to get older and less confined by baby-making pressure and societal norms, you actually get to dive a little bit deeper into what you actually like and concern yourself less and less with what you should be doing or what people think of what you’re doing…You start to care more about your own value system and less about the value systems being foisted upon you.” 

Dametown is a website, a Facebook group, an Instagram gallery, and a growing community of women eager to be as fun, fierce and fabulous as they want to be. Join us, and please let me know what and who you want to see here. You are one of the “town’s” VIPs and I really want to know about your interests, feedback and questions. 

We’re in this together, and together we’re going to make this primetime the best time of lives. Now come on, let’s show them who’s boss…and bold, and beautiful. And please email me at dixie@dametown.com, join our Dametown Facebook group, and come by @DixieLaite on Instagram and Twitter.

“Dametown, everything waiting for you…”


Dixie Laite - Dame Town Writer

Author: Dixie Laite

Hi, I'm Sarah "Dixie" Laite, and I live in New York City with 5 parrots, 1 dog (Dr. Waffles) and 1 husband (Jeff). I love classic movies, animals, and haunting flea markets, ebay and TheRealReal.All my life I've been obsessed with figuring out how to navigate life as a woman. There are endless books, TV shows, gurus, guys, movies and magazines out there to guide you. But now that I'm closing in on 60, I noticed that the old rules don't apply, and most of the role models aren't old enough.I'm older now, I know more and weigh more. I'm eager to be inspired and to inspire others in return. Let's get a handle on this shit and figure it out together.

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