Lawyer? I Barely Touched Her!

There’s this show on USA Network called Fairly Legal (a hilarious take on barely legal, get it?) that I’ve only been able to stomach watching once or twice. But to be “fairly”, I came into watching the show with prejudicial feelings. Prejudicial feelings of the sort that made me want to throw a heavy object at the screen.

Lawyering is fun!

Long before the series premiered I’d seen the on-air promos that always concluded with this woman mediator-cum-lawyer coyly sticking her finger in the corner of her mouth. This is the universal sign for “Who, me?” or at best, “Ooops.” Neither of these messages is what I’m looking for when hiring an attorney.

Um, what’s a tort again?

Now I also see this image on bus stops and buses every day on my way to work. OK, I totally get that the character is pretty, sexy and a lawyer — miraculously she is all this simultaneously! But must we set women back decades by inserting this Penthouse pose all over the campaign?

Well, here she’s about to do it. Go on, go on!

Maybe it’s the actress — she doesn’t seem able to keep her digits away from her mouth in this non-mediator-y shot either.


Think this is innocuous? Imagine Perry Mason posing like this, or Ruth Bader Ginsburg for that matter. Trust me USA Network, you can be a sexy lawyer without having to insert a finger coyly between your teeth.

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