I’ve Got a Cherry on My Back

I have long been powerless against the cherry. Not the kind you eat, the kind you wear. For reasons not entirely clear to me, from time to time clothing manufacturers and designers put cherries on dresses, blouses, purses, barrettes, shoes and I don’t seem to be able to help buying these fruit-festooned garments. I’m attracted to the vintage-y feel of the motif, the rockabilly vibe, and just the plain ole happiness cherries suggest.

I’ll smile whenever I look down

Now that I’m older and need to seriously rein in the cute, sartorially and behaviorally speaking, I have shied away from cherry prints. In fact, I’m selling my various dresses and purses et al.

Oh, the cutest1
Oh, the cutest1

But recently I just HAD to get these Miu Miu sandals. They were expensive, but I justified this frivolous purchase by telling myself (uh, and my husband) that the are flat and therefore comfortable, practical shoes. They have cherries on them, and the most compelling argument, they have sparkly cherries on them.

I mean, come on.I’m not made of stone.

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Author: Dixie Laite

Hi, I'm Sarah "Dixie" Laite, and I live in New York City with 5 parrots, 1 dog (Dr. Waffles) and 1 husband (Jeff). I love classic movies, animals, and haunting flea markets, ebay and TheRealReal.All my life I've been obsessed with figuring out how to navigate life as a woman. There are endless books, TV shows, gurus, guys, movies and magazines out there to guide you. But now that I'm closing in on 60, I noticed that the old rules don't apply, and most of the role models aren't old enough.I'm older now, I know more and weigh more. I'm eager to be inspired and to inspire others in return. Let's get a handle on this shit and figure it out together.

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  • Okay am loving your blog………Happily stumbled upon it while revisiting Ms. Aster’s scandal & cannot stop reading……..:-D Being a shoe freak I had to comment on these. I mean sparkling cherries, I would definitely go full tilt with the matching red glitter pedicure.

    • Yvonne, I really appreciate you reading my blog. I wanted to give you a heads up — when I get the newsletter going, I’m going to giev away a bunch of old movie memorabilia, really good stuff, and I want to make sure you get some! xo