What is Dametown? Why “Dames”?


Dametown celebrates dames of yesterday and today — and helps everyone cultivate the dame within.  Equal parts moxie, motivation, movies and mojo, Dametown is here to inspire, inform, and serve as a practical guide to living life with guts and glamour, style and substance, grace and gumption, wit and wisdom.  It’s filled with vintage and contemporary popular culture, real and reel world biographies, some personal rants and a whole lotta TMI.  I’m here to help you — and me — navigate life as a woman and learn to leverage and enjoy our entire dame-tastic arsenal.

It’s wonderful and challenging to be a woman.  But much like in the Land of Oz, with heart, brains, courage, and both good and bad bitches to lead the way, it can be a hell of a journey.  (And yes, kickass shoes and a dog always help.)  Dametown is here to celebrate that journey.


When I was young, I was hungry for information on how to become a woman, and I looked for answers and inspiration from the old black-and-white movies I saw on TV.  In a world teeming with ditzy ingénues, feckless fembots, and humorless overachievers, I felt like there really was indeed “nothing like a dame.”  It occurred to me that the tough yet easy-going, soft of heart yet sharp of tongue women found in classic movies made good role models for today’s 21st century foxes.  Now, as a middle-age woman sashaying my way into old lady, I’m still interested in exploring being female in ways that help us all be authentic, feel powerful, and have fun.

For me, the word dame embodies a host of great co-existing qualities that are too often portrayed as paradoxical.  As seen in archetypal dames like Rosalind Russell and Myrna Loy, there’s a powerful synergy and liberating complexity in women.  We are gutsy and glamorous, witty and wise, sexy and self-reliant, playful and powerful.  I believe women (and quite a few men) can help themselves live life with fun, ferocity and fabulousness by asking the simple question: What would a dame do?

I really hope Dametown can combine my twin passions, vintage femorabilia and personal development, to explore and inspire.  I don’t have all the answers but I do love all the questions, and I’m really looking forward to hanging with my fellow Dametown denizens in our mutual quest for eternal dame-nation as we discover the fabulous, fierce and fun art of being a dame!


Sarah “Dixie” Laite has been a long-time flea market denizen, animal lover, classic movie nerd, feminist, bodybuilder, and someone who’s very uncomfortable talking about herself in the third-person.  She’s been fascinated by femorabilia her whole life, and it’s given her an encyclopedic (and occasionally annoying) knowledge of 20th century pop culture and vintage vixenry.  To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars…like Barbara StanwyckFor decades, Dixie’s worked as a writer and editor for a variety of television and online brands (Noggin, WE-TV, MTV, Oxygen, TeenNick, MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour), and magazines too (BUST, Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, ATOMIC).  She’s written advice columns for AMC, and Oxygen.com and she currently writes an advice column and pieces on what it’s like to be a woman over 40 for the site Jumble & Flow. She’s appeared on TV, written for TV, and as a professional writer she’s written all kinds of things from preschool songs for the animated Moose A. Moose to articles extolling blowjobs.  Dixie’s been a mechanical bull operator in South Florida, bodybuilding trainer in Greenwich Village, second-grade teacher in Harlem and the South Bronx, a national teacher trainer for PBS, a “Web evangelist” for Oprah Winfrey, and an Editorial Director at Oxygen and Nickelodeon.  She’s been profiled in  New York Magazine, Apartment Therapy, the New York PostNew York Times and other magazines and websites.  Currently a freelance writer, branding consultant and stay-home mom of none, Dixie lives in downtown Manhattan with her dog, Dr. Waffles, 5 parrots, a huge pink octopus chandelier, and her sainted husband, Jeff.


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